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Most of us seem to be fighting the battle of the bulge these days. Keeping weight off is a constant problem. However, for some people gaining weight seems almost impossible. Playing sports or getting ready for the beach sometimes means trying to add on a few pounds.

There are a number of reasons why gaining weight is so difficult. One common reason given is an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. This condition is often accompanied by other symptoms like strong feelings of anxiety or a rapidly beating heart. An overactive thyroid is easily detected by a simple blood test so if you feel that may be your problem be sure to check with your doctor.

If you stayed in bed all day and didn’t do anything else you would still burn 85% of your normal intake of calories just through heart beat, respiration and all the other bodily functions. This is known as your metabolism, or your basal metabolic rate. Oftentimes, the metabolism gets the blame for the inability to lose or gain weight but in reality metabolism doesn’t differ very much from one person to the next. A metabolism that was different enough to cause difficulty with weight control would be quite unusual.

When it comes right down to it the two factors that are most likely to determine whether you gain or lose weight are toning flip flops and activity. Increase both fat cells and muscle cells and you will gain weight. Weight lifting or resistance training are good ways to increase the number of muscle cells in your body. You could expect to gain as much as ten pounds of muscle in a year by lifting weight three times a week. If you couple this with an increase in the number of calories you eat you could expect to see a significant weight gain in a relatively short time.

So what’s the best way to increase the number of calories you’re eating? Here’s the math – if you want to gain one pound you need 3500 extra calories. So if your goal is to gain one pound a week, that means you have to take in 500 extra calories every day of the week over what you’re eating now.

You can do this by changing a couple of things about your daily routine. If you eat three meals a day make it four or five and make them bigger meals. Even if you feel full, eat a little bit more. You will also need to modify your routine by adding in some things you might not ordinarily eat. Condiments like mayonnaise, oils and and butter can be a painless way to add in a surprising number of calories to a meal.

You may naturally have a preference for lower calorie foods and that makes taking in extra calories harder. You can still eat a spinach salad for your main course, but just add some high fat dressing. If you add in some bread and some potatoes you can increase the calories quickly. Dried fruit is another good way to get extra calories because you’re getting more calories in a shorter time and with less bulk.

Time and perseverance are the keys in any weight control program. It’s not going to happen in a short time so stay with the program and don’t forget the toning shoes and you’ll gain weight and stay healthy, too.


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The FitFlop shoe has been all the buzz in the fitness community for the last few years. Highlighted in several women’s magazines, and mentioned on several news programs, they have become the rage in the United States as well as across the World. But still, many people wonder if FitFlop Shoes really work. In this review, I will discuss the features of this footwear, the advantages of these shoes, and what you can expect if you decide to purchase them.

Features of The FitFlop Shoes:

The FitFlop shoe is biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk in them. They were first developed as a sandal a couple of years ago, but have since been expanded to include a shoe line as well as winter boots. The main premise is to get a workout while you walk. The underlying technology is called Microwobbleboard, which helps increase the amount of time that your muscles are engaged as you walk. This heel consists of three parts that work in concert to provide a safe and effective shoe. The heel is constructed to absorb 22% more shock, the midsection is the section that creates instability which increases leg muscle activation, and the toe cap which helps maintain speed and pace.

Advantages of FitFlop Shoes:

The FitFlop shoe has several advantages over the normal everyday footwear we all wear. It has been found that they help increase leg and calf muscle activity, promote a better posture, mimic the gait of barefoot walking which is more natural, and improve overall muscle tone. Those wearing Fit Flop shoes have reported relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and chronic back pain, just to name a few. Several studies have been performed and the findings are very impressive as far as pain relief. What was found is that the Fit Flops help reduce knee joint stress, reduce ankle joint stress, lessen foot pressure, and reduce back strain.

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Recently featured on Fox News, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, the MBT Sneakers has been highlighted for its ability to cushion your feet while challenging your muscles. Clinical studies suggest that regular use improves balance, posture and circulation. They make training more effective, challenging and gentle to your spine. The biomechanical design strengthens the body and helps to improve the way you use your muscles and joints. The patented curved layered sole improves posture, improving your circulation with every step. In short, the effects of walking with MBT Sneakers are both training and massage.

MBT Sneakers Types

The fitness shoe collection is a style for the avid fitness walker. Among the different types of MBT Sneakers, the Sport and Safiri are some of the more popular available. If intense training is your ultimate goal, than look no further. The MBT Sport is what started the whole craze. Available in black and white, these sneakers have a one and a half inch pivot sole which produces all the benefits like challenging the muscles. The MBT Safiri features nubuck, split leather, and mesh upper offers breathable wear and and scratch resistance. Natural rolling movement of the foot for even weight distribution can be found with the TPU and glass fiber shank which adds firmness to the sole construction. They feature a PU midsole with pivot that is the balancing section underneath the metatarsus  which requires an active rolling movement with every step. A durable rubber outsole offers lightweight support with good traction.

Another popular style of MBT Sneakers is the casual collection. These offer all the same benefits as the other types of footwear, but are meant for wearing day to day, whether it be for wearing to work, out to eat, doing errands. Two popular styles include the Raha with its Scratch-resistant nubuck, split leather, and corduroy upper with am adjustable hook-and-loop instep strap for a secure fit, and the The MBT Barabara Black features soft suede upper with contrast stitching and lightly padded tongue and collar for added comfort. Antimicrobial Dry&Cool mesh and foam insole allows for breath ability and assists moisture management.

There are a few boot selections available that offer a fall/winter option, including the Tambo. This good looking boot will take your winter wardrobe to a whole new level. It features all the same benefits as the aforementioned footwear, plus a full grain leather upper with a zippered shaft. A little pricey, being priced at $390. But who said style comes cheap?

The sandal series from MBT Sneakers is the last to highlight. You don’t have to sweat it out this summer in a normal pair of walking shoes. MBT has a wide range of sandals that have all the same benefits as their shoes, plus the added benefit of keeping your feet arid and cool in those hot summer months. They have a nice variety of sandals including the Ema and the Habari.

You can find many walking shoes out there, but the MBT Sneakers has succeeded in creating a niche in the shoe market by offering several health benefits you just won’t find in other footwear. It is very appealing that you can now find a product solution for any season, and for various needs.

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What type of shoes is healthiest on your joints? Which ones will help blast the fat, but not your knees? Good question! A good walking shoe is essential when undertaking a walking workout routine. Every step places a lot of wear and tear on the feet and joints, about five hundred pounds of pressure with every stride. This article discusses a fitness shoe that is very joint friendly and an excellent solution for people with knee problems. (more…)

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I think it’s safe to be inclined to think that losing weight is one of the top prerogatives for most of us. I have tried controlling my weight for years and have tried many different approaches. Strategies like various fad diets, counting calories, and exercise to name a few. I have had many success stories, but none of these strategies lasted very long. I know the importance of exercise, but with my hectic schedule, it is hard to find the time. (more…)

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I’m sure that most avid fitness walkers have seen the anti-shoe or at least heard of them. They are called the anti-shoe, also known as MBT footwear, which is short for Masai Barefoot Technology. It is a a brand of walking shoes created for an overall healthy body. The secret component is the specially designed sole that has a rocker type motion. It’s awkward to walk in them at first, but you quickly become accustomed to them. They are mostly known for their back pain and posture benefits, but there are numerous other benefits that I’ll outline in this commentary. (more…)

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What variety of sneakers is healthiest on your joints? Which ones will help blast the fat, but not your knees? Good question! A good walking shoe is essential when undertaking a fitness walking regimen, with several different choices available. There are so many options available that choosing a pair can be cumbersome. Walking footwear is one category of shoes that has a multitude of brands to pick from. The rise in popularity of fitness walking as a means of exercise has given way to a host of new walking shoe choices. A shoe style that has been a market leader and gained a lot of prominence as a useful fitness aid is called MBT shoes. (more…)

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